Internet Of Things (For Everything)

Middleware plays an essential role in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, enabling businesses to make use of the interconnectivity to maximize IT efficiency, bringing about tangible business benefits. The Internet of Things can deliver real benefits today in efficiency, customer experience, safety, and new revenue models. To ensure your IoT success and rapid ROI, we offer the industry’s broadest Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure solutions portfolio and stand ready to:

Simplify the complex with a pool of vertical-specific IoT strategic technology owners, IoT Blueprints that integrate our solution with vendor partner’s expertise and start to finish IoT services.
Make your data useful by aggregating, normalizing, integrating, and storing/processing data from edge to core to cloud.

The architect for your analytics by leveraging our broad portfolio and curated vendor partners to optimize your IoT infrastructure for your specific analytics goals.

Secure your opportunities from edge to core to cloud with security provided by our leading security brands, for example, SecureWorks and RSA, as well as data protection, embedded security, and use-case specific technologies.

To further accelerate ROI, we take a pragmatic approach that builds on the equipment and data you already have, leveraging your current technology investments. Reduce complexity, lower risk, deploy faster – it’s all possible with us.


CTC Global Thailand Offerings

Internet of Things Infrastructure: Create a flexible and powerful Internet of Things ecosystem, with analytics enabled at the edge, data center, and cloud. The volume and complexity of data generated by the sensors, devices, and equipment in the Internet of Things (IoT) can overload traditional network infrastructure and data management and analysis tools
Internet of Things Analytics
: Drive deeper, more accurate insights for analytics-driven action with everywhere analytics. Innovating at the speed of your business.
Internet of Things Security
: Put security first to safely deploy IoT initiatives and achieve functional integrity and data security. Security is commonly an afterthought when it comes to implementing the Internet of Things (IoT), which puts critical organizational operations and data at risk.
Internet of Things Industries
: Optimize operations and gain a competitive advantage with an Internet of Things solution targeted for your industry. Improve manufacturing performance with the Industrial Internet of Things

We offer a wide range of middleware and IoT consultancy and implementation services to help IT and business leaders in their current digital strategy:

  • Middleware platforms
  • Portal systems
  • Web content management system
  • Document management system
  • Enterprise search function
  • GIS map
  • Integration platform
  • Enterprise service bus
  • Custom-developed web application
  • API management

Technology Partners: IBM, Oracle, MuleSoft, OpenSource (WordPress, Liferay), Redhat, Acer

Technology Partners: