Customer Challenges:

  1. To remove manual process which involves heavy usage reliance on manual Excel file and e-mail communications, which is very tedious and prone to human mistakes
  2. Improve the data and communications flow, and improve the decision making process
  3. Enable easy access and retrieval of information from a consolidated repository

CTC – Global Thailand Solutions   :

Different methods of requirement gathering approach were adopted to study and understand the operational challenges and pain points that customers face in their day-to-day business operations. Upon understanding the organisation goals and business objectives, CTC proposed the use of a custom web application solution to address those challenges identified during the requirement study phase.

The solution includes development of a custom application using a framework design that allows future extension of module features. The business application makes use of a web portal technology to allow easy access on users from multiple locations and countries. As a recommended practice, it is deployed onto a multi-tiered architecture.

Customer Benefits :

The result of this implementation sees improvement in the efficiency of the process workflow through the use of IT automation and increase in staff productivity.