Data has always been one of the most valued assets in businesses. Knowing how to derive value out of it and protect it from data loss is always on the minds of CIOs. With the exponential growth of data (structured and unstructured) within the enterprises, it has become an increasing challenge to manage it – whether it is to know what sort of information is currently residing in the organization, the long term storage or archival complications, or simply ensuring data is not leaked to other competitors. However, most enterprises see storing data for archival purposes only within the organization and has therefore seen the need to purchase more storage to keep these data simply because business owners deemed them as business critical.

Without a total view of the information, enterprises have no means to classify and categorize them to bring out the value of it. CTC Global Thailand with her vast knowledge and capabilities will be able to walk with these organizations to truly bring insight to these data while still keeping archival policies relevant with cost savings.

CTC Global Thailand Offerings 

  • Data Protection, Data Archival, Centralized Backup Consolidation

    CTC Global Thailand ’s engineers are certified and come with years of experience with all the mainstream data resiliency and archival products. Because of their vast experience, our engineers will be able to advise your organizations if they encounter any malpractices used, and will also advise on how to mitigate them to ensure you truly are able to achieve your Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

  • Storage Consolidation and Management

    From all flash arrays to traditional enterprise SAN of magnetic disk array implementation and to Network Attached Storage (NAS), our CTC engineers will be able to help your organization to scope, deploy and manage these data. Coupled with the fact that we are agnostic to brands, it would mean CTC will be able to deploy any disk storage systems based on your needs and requirements, all within your planned budget. In fact, because CTC has her own in-house helpdesk service, we will be able to offer storage management as a service to assist you in events of component failures or service requests to upgrade storage firmware, etc.