System Engineer

Date Posted: June 2, 2022 Location: FYI Center at BKK


  • Assist system service team lead to manage request as post-sale role.
  • Prepare the solution detail design to define detail solution delivery process, Final SOW to fit the solution proposed, customer requirement/business gold.
  • Review and confirm of detailed specifications for proposed solutions including BOM, manpower, SOW, time necessary and cost sheet.
  • Contribute the project in pre-sale and post-sale state. Mainly for internal and external project kick off and project delivery support until project sign off.
  • Work closely with Project manager/Professional services team within the company to maintain Solution delivery needed for projects to be completed efficiently.
  • Provide clear goals for all areas of a project and deployment steps to project stake holder their timely execution.
  • Manage and handle project deployment  base on technical detail as solution design.
  • Assist other department engineers in creating practical demonstrations of proposed solutions and demonstrating them to other members of the team.
  • Work alongside with project management teams to successfully monitor progress and implementation of initiatives.
  • Work with Operation team to support support ticket as Tiear-2 support. To maintained and support as SLA require.
  • Other tasks as assigned.


  • Bachelor degree or Higher relate to IT, Computer Scientific, Computer Engineer or related.
  • Hold the IT industry certificate is plush. (HP, Dell EMC, VMware, Intel, Veeam, Microsoft Certificate).
  • Experience deployment system project for a large corporation at least 3 years.
  • Understand and family with Solution integration industry and business.
  • Willing to work as cross function of pre-post sale role.
  • Ability to work together with teams from several departments to facilitate the orderly execution of a proposed project plan.
  • Able communication in English, Thai.
  • Good mind set, serviced mind and team player.


  • Vacation leave 10 day/year
  • Provident Fund ( after passed 119 days )
  • Insurance ( Life, Accident, IPD and OPD )
  • Bonus
  • Holiday Sat. and Sun.
  • Outing
  • Medical check up
  • Other
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